Rolling Thunder ® Inc. New Hampshire Chapter One
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Executive Officers
President Jon Dion Elected in 2017
Vice President John Domenicis Elected in 2018
Treasurer Terry Clark Elected in 2018
Secretary Sherrie Fontaine Elected in 2017
Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board George Thompson Elected in 2018
Board Member Roland Paquette Elected in 2018
Board Member Kim Hebert Elected in 2018
Board Member Michael Chase Elected in 2017
Board Member William (Top) Downs Elected in 2017
Board Member Ashley Reagan Appointed  2018
Board Member Bill Elkins Elected in 2018
Alternate Board Member Bill Dunbar Appointed 2018
Alternate Board Member Eddie Coates Appointed 2018
Additional Positions
Chaplain Richard Borghi
Sgt at Arms Joseph (Chops) Laverture
Public Relations Joseph Downing
Event Coordinator Open  
New Member Liaison George Thompson
New Member Liaison Williams Downs
Newsletter Bruce Garry
Facebook Page Kim Hebert
Photographer Kim Hebert
Road Captain Scott Suchovsky
Road Captain Bill Elkins
Road Captain Daniel Pendleton
Quartermaster Shane Rouselle
Vice Chair SVAC Diane Domenicis
Legislative Liaison Bruce Garry
Legislative Liaison Alternate Keith Hurrell
POW/MIA Officer Bruce Garry
Junior Program Director George Thompson
Ass't Junior Director Vacant
Historian Kim Hebert