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Presidents Message

August 2015

The season is upon us in full swing. The DC trip was well attended, and much enjoyed by all.

Over the past two years we have helped many veterans in need, whether it be financially, emotionally, cleaning the cemetery etc. We also had our two social events at the Tilton Veterans Home, and per usual, they were VERY well attended.

Since I've been President, our events have been numerous to say the least, and our help has been far reaching to so many.

This organization has grown, and there are so many great new active members. We have divided and conquered on many occasions and member attendance has been great! We have the NHMS races coming up, Thunder Run in July as well as the Liberty house in August.

The Freedom ride in June was an amazing experience again. The Northeast POW/MIA Network and The Blue Star mothers were extremely grateful to us for our assistance in leading and organizing the ride. Hesky park is a very reflective place for Veterans and the remembrance of ALL POW/MIA's.

In July our nominations start. In September we will have elections, as we go forward into election
season please carefully consider your candidates. We will
roll through this season together and as always, I am reachable by phone or email.

Facebook is a great tool to get news out, but I prefer phone and email for any needs anyone has.
Shiny side up, See you on the road!

On a personal note; I have been a member since 2006, and my term as President of NH1 has been an incredible opportunity and experience. I have had many challenges, and even more amazing moments. I have met many, many people and made many friends in other Clubs and organizations in the process.

I have gotten the opportunity to meet with and speak to many veterans in need.

People have come to my aid and been a part of the incredible ride I've taken. This has been a position of service to me, and I am humbled to have had the chance to do it. I will continue as a hard working member as I always have been since I joined RTNH1, to uphold the mission statement and support the organization.

The men and women that have surrounded and supported me the last two years has been indescribable.
My Executive board, and my Board of Directors has been stellar!

I personally need to thank Jeff "Doc" Stewart, as he has been a friend and an amazing mentor. Also a big thanks to Dan Pendleton for being an unbelievable Chairman of the Board. He jumped right in and did what he
had to do. Taking service to another level is what they've done and it is MUCH appreciated! THANK YOU RTNH1, for an incredible two years of service !

 Rolling Thunder® NH1
"No man left behind"